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A blend of Technology and Environment, ever thought about it? This is what we do, this is how we think and this is what we implement. Our aim is to conserve water bodies and keep them clean and hygienic by preventing pollution.We built a device that analyzes the quality of water in a water body and provides real-time data to the user. We measure the basic parameters of the water using electronic sensors. The data can be tracked through our app, SMS ,IoT website where graphs can be viewed and heat-maps can be generated. The sensors are purchased from Atlas-Scientific which provide accurate readings.

Our device has been tested on some lakes in Bangalore and has proved its efficacy. We have also tested the device in Wetlands of Jakkur and Kaggadasapura lakes, where we showed how the wetlands provide a sink for the pollutants being introduced.

The device weighs just around 6 kgs. Data collected by our device and the water lab testing reports have matched proving the accuracy of our device. Our device costs around than $ 2000 USD which is about 10.5% of commerically available devices.

Real-time monitoring of lakes allows citizens to know when polluted water is dumped into water bodies. Currently water samples are taken at specific times of the day (example, at 6:00am in the morning). But, polluted water can be dumped at any time. This can also be used in sewage treatment in bulidings or apartments to check if the sewage is treated properly before dumping in to a water body or not. We have also found applications for our device in fisheries where the water quality can be monitored to keep the fish healthy.

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